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Autographed Upper Deck hockey card signed via TTM by Matt Cullen of the Nashville Predators
Autographed Upper Deck hockey card signed via TTM by Matt Cullen of the Nashville Predators

Matt Cullen has been around for ages! Born in 1976, Matt is still playing hockey in the NHL at the young age of 41.  Before this season, Jaromir Jagr was crowned the oldest player in the league currently but since he has left, the trophy now belongs to Matt.  For the record, Gordie Howe owns the oldest player to have played an NHL game at 52 years of age.  To imagine that a player could have played in their 50s is beyond me, considering many players retire before 40.

Matt started his NHL career by being drafted by the MIGHTY Ducks of Anaheim.  For those who remember, this franchise started because of the movie “The Mighty Ducks” which featured Joshua Jackson and Emilio Estevez.  I absolutely loved this movie when it came out!  I would assume that in Anaheim, it definitely helped the franchise with media coverage.

Back to hockey, Matt was drafted in 1996 with the Mighty Ducks’ 2nd pick.  This draft brought in players like Chris Philips (1st), Daniel Briere (24th) and Tomas Kaberle (204th), there may not be a HHOF at this draft (unless Zdeno Chara makes the cut).

Through the years, Matt has gone on to play for more than nine teams in the NHL.  Most recently, he signed with the Pittsburgh Penguins, a team which he won the Stanley Cup with in back to back years in 2016 and 2017.  This could be the fourth Cup that Matt wins if the Penguins are able to win the Stanley Cup this year.

Gettin’ the auto

This Matt Cullen autographed card was sent to his private address I found on a forum I frequent.  He signed this Upper Deck hockey card in a black sharpie, inscribing his number 7 that so many players typically do these days.  If you’re looking to send to him, send it today since it took him almost 237 days to return it back to me!

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A video review of Matt Cullen

This is a nice video of Matt and his kids, who are his biggest fans!


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