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HC0018I got some really great returns this week from Mike Smith of the Calgary Flames. I’ll definitely have to send to Mike again in the future which was via the Calgary Flames. Mike has done fairly well as a Calgary Flame as he’s got an above .500 winning percentage and decent save percentage. At the time of this post, he’s ranking 10th overall with a .921 save percentage and 15th overall in GAA.

You may remember Mike Smith scored a goal against the Detroit Red Wings, being only the 11th goalie in history to accomplish this feat and being the most recent of the very, very elite group of goaltenders to achieve this milestone.

Being such a large goalie, Mike’s greatest asset is his size which helps him cover up the net frequently (and theoretically an help him out of certain situations where he is out of position).  As you can tell by the fact he scored a goal, he’s got great puck handling skills.

See the goal below:



    • Mike

      Hi Simon!

      You definitely can ask, I’m always here to help you out and thanks for commenting! Yes, you’re right it was sent to the Calgary Flames, good luck!

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