Natalie Spooner

Autographed, Hockey Card, TTM, Signed, Natalie Spooner, Team Canada
Autographed Upper Deck hockey card signed via TTM by Natalie Spooner of Team Canada

Natalie Spooner played for a number of teams in her playing career, starting out with the Ohio State Buckeyes for four seasons starting in 2008. She holds many of the team’s records including careers goals scored.

Once her college career finished, she moved on to play in the CWHL, getting drafted by her hometown Toronto Furies in the 2nd round. That 2012 CWHL draft included top names such as Rebecca Johnston, Haley Irwin and Hilary Knight. It’s impressive to continually see Natalie represent Team Canada, while playing for the Toronto Furies, something she’s accomplished for the last seven years. She’s brought home several gold and silver medals from various tournaments, including the Olympics in 2014.

Her accolades don’t stop at the ice. She’s been on the Canadian version of “Amazing Race”, Season 2 alongside Canadian hockey teammate, Meaghan Mikkelson. Luckily for the duo, there was a hockey challenge in which contestants had to do accuracy shooting. Obviously, Meghan and Natalie went 4/4 in shooting although went a paltry 1/53 in the five hole challenge. They ended up finishing 2nd in the race, winning 7 legs during their time on the show.

If you want more info on Natalie, take a look at her website here.

Gettin’ the auto

I’m really happy with getting back Natalie Spooner, a top Canadian women’s hockey player. I sent this card to Natalie via the Toronto Furies, a women’s hockey team that plays in the CWHL in which she returned in 189 days.

A video review of Natalie Spooner

Check out this interview with the two during their time with Hockey Canada.


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