Phillip Danault

Autographed, Hockey Card, TTM, Signed, Phillip Danault, Montreal Canadiens
Autographed Upper Deck hockey card signed via TTM by Phillip Danault of the Montreal Canadiens

As always, I’m always happy to get returns in the mail and this return is no different. I’m not too familiar with Phillip Danault of the Montreal Canadiens other than the fact that… well he plays for the Montreal Canadiens. I do recall him being drafted by the Blackhawks in Danault’s NHL entry draft year and that he had played a few season in the AHL with the Rockford Ice Hogs.

This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten his autograph through the mail or even a certified version of his hockey card but it is the first time I’ve gotten it while he’s been in the NHL.  The blue sharpie that he signed with is a little hard to read (black would’ve been equally as difficult to see in my opinion) but still thankful nonetheless.  The one big difference I do see is the change in autograph as in the previous autos I’ve gotten before, it’s a nice full name opposed to a quick, couple letters of his name.

For this reason, I’m so happy that Upper Deck is bringing the CHL cards back into circulation after Leaf had stopped producing base cards for them.  I find that getting autographs from prospects are so much more exciting and rewarding!



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