How much is this going to cost me?

I found postage to be somewhat of a difficult task, knowing what to buy and how much to put on.  In a general sense, you want to have the countries’ postage on the outside envelope that is being sent out.  To do this you’ll want to purchase stamps from your local post office, either domestic or international forever stamps to send out to the players’ address and find stamps on the receiving ends country.  The easy part is if the address you’re sending to is within your same country.   Let me try and break it down on the various variations that I’ve encountered.  I’ll try my best to outline what you can do, if you’re sending from Canada and USA although my main experiences have been sending from Canada.

Situation 1: Domestic Sending and Receiving Addresses (Canada to Canada or USA to USA)

If you’re sending and receiving within Canada you can purchase stamps from Canada Post or if you’re sending and receiving within USA you can purchase stamps from USPS.  Simple.  Just make sure they’re forever stamps as you’ll find that there are no guarantees when or if you’ll get a return.  In the past I’ve sent stamps with the exact value and I have no idea if I never got denied a return if there was not enough postage on the SASE.  There have been a few instances where the return letter had a few postage cents less than the price it should have been to send a letter.

Situation 2: Sending from Canada to a location in the USA (and vice versa)

This happens pretty often for Canadians as a large majority of NHL / AHL teams reside in the USA.  If you’re sending from Canada, you can purchase your stamps locally but you’ll want to be able to pick up some stamps from the states.  You can do one of three options:

  1. Ask a friend/family member located in the States to work out a deal to have them send you stamps
  2. Drive down to the USA and stock up!
  3. Look online to see if any online stores (such as USPS) will sell and deliver them to Canadian residents
  4. Trade!  See if there is someone that is willing to trade your stamps for theirs.  You’ll have to trust who you’re sending to and be confident that the other person isn’t going to scam you.
  5. Buy them on the (located here:

Situation 3: Sending to International locations

I’ve only sent a handful of letters to countries other than the USA and Canada.  What I had done in the past, is include 2 – 3 USD to pay for postage and explain to the recipient that I would like if they could pay for postage as I don’t have access to their local stamps.  It’s worked a few times.



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