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This hobby is for any fans of hockey (or sports for that matter), you can be young, old, have a large family, be single… it doesn’t matter!  Hockey players are probably the best in all of the sports when it comes to returning autographs for us. Most people don’t even know that this is possible!  I haven’t sent anything other than hockey cards but you can definitely experiment with lots of items (pucks, large photo prints, memorabilia, etc).

Be aware that there is a chance items will not be returned!

Want to learn the basics of sending through the mail?

Below is a quick guide on how to send hockey cards through the mail.

  • Hockey Cards (or any items you’re looking to get signed) – You’ll need to buy hockey cards, no doubt about that, except that there is always a risk that you won’t be getting any returns so do not send anything you are not willing to part with.  I typically send the cards without a protective sleeve or case and have had success with not getting cards ruined through the mail (although a few have been bent along the way)
  • Paper & Pen – Obviously you need something to write on and something to write with!
  • Envelopes  – I use regular, letter sized envelopes (size #10)
  • Eraser / Baby Powder – Test to see which product you prefer.  You’ll need to use either of these when erasing gloss on a hockey card so that the player can sign more easily
  • Self Addressed Stamped Envelope – I use a smaller envelope which is self addressed to your address.  This allows the player to simply sign and place the cards back into the envelopes.  I use #8 envelopes for this situation.  Hot Tip: Use Peel & Seal envelopes to reduce the work the player is required to do.  I pick mine up from the dollar stores
  • Postage – Depending on where you’re sending to and receiving from, you’ll need stamps from various countries.  For example, if you want to send a player to the USA and you’re from Canada, you’ll need to use an international stamp to send from Canada to the player in the States and place a US stamp on the self addressed envelope.  There are a few ways to get around this, described on my Postage page.
  • Addresses – Find addresses online, through other bloggers, forums… create a network that you can share addresses with others.  Be as generous to those who are new to the hobby as others have been to you.
  • Creativity, patience and determination – You need to have these traits or you’ll be going out of your mind!  First off, be creative when you send a letter.  The player is going to get tons of letters, with the same old drab (I’m guilty of having a tough time to write about sometimes!) so write something unique that might entice the player to sign something for you.  The interesting thing is that even with a great letter, personalized and all hand written, you’ll have to be really patient.  The player has tons of letters to go through, depending on how popular they are and some don’t ever see them if the team decides that they do not want to bombard the player with letters each day.  Lastly, determination to get an autograph will go a long way.  There will be times when you’ve sent one letter to a player you’ve chosen except you have no idea if that letter got lost in the mail, stolen or destroyed accidentally by the post office.  Feel free to send one or two follow up letters if you think that it has been long enough between letters.



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