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Autographed Score hockey card signed via TTM by Russ Courtnall of the Montreal Canadiens
Autographed Score hockey card signed via TTM by Russ Courtnall of the Montreal Canadiens

It’s been a while since I’ve featured a retired player considering most of my mail outs are for CHL players or at least current NHL players.  Luckily, I’ve watched Russ play for the Vancouver Canucks in 1995 / 96 where he scored 65 points for the team.  That team featured Canucks such as Alexander Mogilney, Trevor Linden and Cliff Ronning all whom are Canuck favorites.

Overall, Russ had a very good career in the NHL and played for about half a dozen teams.  He was actually drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1983 in the seventh round.  Having only played for four seasons for the team, he actually made the top 100 list of the greatest players in their history at 98.   Of course, this was from 2016 and with the emergence of the current Leafs, I’d bet that he may just be outside the top 100 at this point.

Gettin’ the auto

This autograph was obtained via a private address which I got off an online forum.  Russ sent these cards back to me in 23 days, which is pretty consistent with other retired (non-superstar) type players.  Frankly, I would love to get this card signed by his brother, Geoff, to complete this Score NHL Brothers hockey card.  I’ve seen some successes, as recent as mid-last year, although I’m also seeing some RTS’ come in as well.

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As expected, there aren’t many current Russ Courtnall news articles these days.


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A video review of Russ Courtnall

Nice to see Russ to join in this very, short lived series called, Battle of the Blades.


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