Sam Bennett

Autographed, Hockey Card, TTM, Signed, Sam Bennett, Calgary Flames
Autographed Upper Deck hockey card signed via TTM by Sam Bennett of the Calgary Flames

I’ve been waiting a long time for Sam Bennett’s autograph on this Team Canada card and am so happy with the way it’s turned out.

As the 4th overall pick, Sam has done well fitting in with the Flames’ young core (and one old guy).  He’s had a bit of difficulty putting up points (his first full season he’s put up 36 points, then 26 points the season after) and is currently on pace for a career-low 12 points this season.  I personally haven’t watched many Flames games this season and can’t really comment on the drop in production over the years.  According to TSN, his TOI ranks 3rd among centers which may be an indication of a lack of opportunity given by the coach.  I’m positive Sam is much better than his point total indicate.

To much of Sam’s chagrin, there was a lot of attention around the fact he couldn’t do a single pull up at the NHL combine back in 2014.  In my opinion, not being able to perform a pullup shouldn’t be a huge deal for players.  I believe that scouting prospects on ice is a much better indicator, although it’s definitely hard to compare one player to another without some common benchmark.  Check out the article below on Sam’s 2014 combine:





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