Jordan Staal

Jordan was selected in 2006 to the Pittsburgh Penguins, where he, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin formed a dangerous trio down the middle of the ice for many years. This sort of depth at center is really what teams should be focusing on, although Pittsburgh had a string of being in a very fortunate circumstance. ... Continue Reading →

Jaromir Jagr

From a starting rookie a couple of days ago to an aging superstar who still (reportedly) wants to come back into the NHL. Jaromir Jagr needs no introduction but I'm so happy to have gotten his autograph. I've sent to Jaromir over the years as he's travelled from city to city, which I'm sure many... Continue Reading →

Sergei Gonchar

I remember Sergei Gonchar, mostly from his Pittsburgh Penguin days and later in his career with the Ottawa Senators. I've always had an appreciation for Sergei and his leadership abilities which was evident as he was an assistant captain on three different teams (Washington, Pittsburgh and Ottawa). Now he helps out with the Penguins as... Continue Reading →

Ryan Stone

Ryan Stone, has jumped from team to team going from Pittsburgh, to Edmonton and finally landing with the Calgary Flames, mind you, he was waived by the Flames, and sent down to the Abbotsford Heat.  A tough start to his playing career, no doubt, but with a bit of hard work, Ryan will hopefully be... Continue Reading →

Phil Borque

The final post for an epic day, although these posts are in reverse order... Anyways, I had sent Mr. Borque a fan letter on the 27th and he returned it back to me only 12 days later, capping off a 6 player response day.  My best yet!  Phil was an undrafted player, and played 18... Continue Reading →

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