Theoren Fleury

Autographed, Hockey Card, TTM, Signed, Theoren Fleury
Autographed Upper Deck hockey card signed via TTM by Theoren Fleury

Theoren Fleury, a long time Calgary Flame (and current Calgary native) signed a nice batch of cards for me that I sent him through the mail.  He has continually been a gracious signer, signing and meeting (from what I’ve seen on the Internet) fan mail for a long time.

I have to say, from a hockey perspective, Theo will go down as one of my favourite hockey players.  Standing at 5’6, he battled amongst the giants of the NHL in the 90s and 00s but his heart (and skills, obviously) prevailed his stature.  For anyone who watched the game, it was obvious that Theo loved being on the ice and making an impact in every game.  He’s represented Team Canada on a number of occasions, winning gold with them during the 1988 World Juniors, 1991 Canada Cup and 2002 Olympics.

A video review of Theoren Fleury

This celebration will go down as one of my favorite:


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