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Autographed Artifacts hockey card signed via TTM by Trevor Linden of the Vancouver Canucks
Autographed Artifacts hockey card signed via TTM by Trevor Linden of the Vancouver Canucks

Trevor Linden is one of the most iconic players of the Vancouver Canucks.  Of course, the argument for the Sedins and Pavel Bure can be made as well.

Trevor got his start in the NHL by being drafted into the league in 1998 by the Vancouver Canucks and played a total of 10 years during his first stint with the club.  While never having been able to bring a cup to Vancouver, he and the Canucks came awfully close in 1994 eventually losing to the New York Rangers.  It was a sad farewell when he was shipped off to the New York Islanders for Todd Bertuzzi, Bryan McCabe and the Islanders’ third-round pick.  Linden would carry on his career being traded to both Montreal and then to Washington.

While never amassing more than 50 points in a single season with the Islanders, Canadiens or Capitals it never felt quite right (at least for Canucks fans) to see him in a different jersey.

On November 10, 2001, Trevor was traded back to the Canucks.  I remember being happy to see the former captain back in Canucks colors but as history writes, he was unable to perform at the same level he left at.

Outside of playing hockey, Trevor has been heavily involved in the community and management.  For a period during his playing career, Trevor was the NHLPA President which gave him the business acumen for his later role as the President of the Vancouver Canucks.  Surprisingly, Trevor was let go from his presidential role recently.

Gettin’ the auto

I got this Trevor Linden autograph in 173 through Rogers Arena, the home of the Vancouver Canucks.  He signed this card in blue sharpie with a signature that doesn’t change regardless if it’s a fan letter or certified autograph.  This was not the first time I got Linden’s autograph, as seen here, back in 2011.

Signature Links

There was a ton of media coverage (at least locally in Vancouver) regarding Linden’s departure from the Canucks.

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A video review of Trevor Linden

One of the most iconic plays from Trevor Linden was this hit through the glass on Jeff Norton..


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