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Autographed Upper Deck CHL hockey card signed via TTM by Ty Smith of the Spokane Chiefs
Autographed Upper Deck CHL hockey card signed via TTM by Ty Smith of the Spokane Chiefs

It’s nice to get a few highly touted returns like Ty Smith of the Spokane Chiefs.  Ty was drafted in 2018 by the New Jersey Devils in which was a very heavy defense oriented first round draft.  Fourteen defensemen were drafted in 2018’s 1st round compared to nine in 2017 and 2016.  Obviously one of the most feared defensemen played for the Devils in the 90s, Scott Stevens, so let’s hope that Ty has just as a successful career when it’s all said and done.

This season, Ty has been absolutely lighting the lamp.  He sits first in the WHL in defenseman scoring, just above Alexander Alexeyev of the Red Deer Rebels.  Sitting at 36 points, he’s tied with Ryan Merkley for tops in the CHL.  Thinking about it now, I guess maybe the term “lighting the lamp” isn’t the best description since only 3 of his 36 points are goals.

Overall, this is a pretty great signing for me.  Ty Smith is going to be a stud big leagues when he gets there.  According to reports, he’s an elite skater and highly skilled.  Welcome to the new NHL, folks.

Gettin’ the auto

This returns was sent back to me in 16 days and by far as to be one of the faster returns I’ve gotten from any player this season (although it took Pavel Gogolev only 15 days).   The fact that Spokane is one of the closer CHL cities to where I live, it’s no surprise that it was a quick return.  It’s my first return from a player that’s part of the Spokane Chiefs, although to be fair, it’s the only player I’ve sent to on the team thus far!

Signature links

Now that William Nylander is signed to the Toronto Maple Leafs, I’d guess the answer to that first link would be.. no.

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A video review of Ty Smith

Take a look at the video of Ty Smith, does he look good?


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