Vincent Damphousse

Autographed, Hockey Card, TTM, Signed, Vincent Damphousse, Team Canada
Autographed Upper Deck hockey card signed via TTM by Vincent Damphousse of Team Canada

A really nice autograph from Vincent Damphousse where he clearly has perfected signing his last name.  He probably saves a lot of time not fully signing out the entirety of his last name – which isn’t so great for us fans that would love a nice signature.  Regardless, I’m thankful to add this to my collection.

Vincent was drafted in the 1986 NHL entry draft and was selected by the Maple Leafs, 6th overall.  Arguably, Vincent would easily go top 5 in an NHL redraft of that season with Brian Leetch likely going 1st overall as the only HHOF inductee of the year.  Vincent was only one of nine NHL players to be an NHL all star.

Check out the link here which even goes as far as calling the 6th overall pick, the steal of the 1986 NHL entry draft.

A video review of Vincent Damphousse

See below, one of Vincent’s four NHL all star game appearances where he coincidentally scored, 4 goals.


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