When to Send

Should I send now or later?

Timing is everything.


I’m sure I’ve lost tons of cards in the mail to the fact that I had some poor, poor timing. You’ll want to take note, depending on where you’re sending, of the schedules for each leagues below.  I’d typically try and send cards to my players at beginning of the season or where I anticipate they will be for a large majority of the season. Here are some general schedule dates for the following leagues:


  • Rookie / Training Camp*: Late August
  • Regular Season: Begins Mid – late September to mid March
  • League Playoffs: Begins late March
  • Memorial Cup: Begins mid May


  • Rookie Camp: Early September
  • Main Camp: Mid September
  • Regular Season: Begins early October to mid April
  • Playoffs**: Begins late April
  • Offseason***:  Varies between late April to mid June

*Players that were drafted by an NHL team may not be participating during these camps

**I would suggest not sending items to get autographed leading up and during the playoffs as players are more focused on being playoff ready.

***Now is a good time to try and find where the player lives to send them an autograph.  There are forums which indicate where players live during and in the offseason.


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